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The worlds first flexible sandstone. Now available in Australia.

Cladstone - Sandstone Veneer Application Tutorial

Cladstone is a sandstone veneer produced in Germany, it is extracted directly off the quarry face, its eco-friendly, lightweight & flexible.

DIY Video on the left: shows how using Cladstone, Cori and Danielle transformed their living room from a dull setting to a stunning visual, creating the ambiance they had always dreamed of.

All work completed without demolition or dust, as Cladstone is easily cut with a craft knife or scissors.

Cladstone an environmently-friendly natural sandstone product, a specially designed process has made it possible for the first time to harvest sandstone directly off the quarry wall in thin layers of just 3mm. The resulting Cladstone is incomparably light, weighing just 3.5 kg/m2, ideal for any building project.   10 great colours to choose from, some colours are recognisable as sandstone whilst others look more like limestone.
The amazing Cladstone comes in sheet sizes of 2700x1000 on a role, cardboard packed. Cladstone is transparent & is ideally suited for back lighting to create a stunning effect in both classic and contemporary décor.
  The ease of installation of Cladstone makes it practical for use in projects as large as building facades or as small as an internal lift cladding. Easily cut by a craft knife, and mouldable using hot air, Cladstone can be easily installed without noisy tools or dust, perfect for renovation of buildings, even while in use, like hotels, schools or shops, making it the building surface of the future.
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